7 Things you Must Know before engaging in Car Rental Costa Rica San Jose

Nearly everyone who visits costa Rica rent a car to explore this beautiful country. It is the only convenient way that gives you the freedom to go wherever you want and whenever you like. Also, a rental car provides you with hassle-free comfort.
Taking an inclusive tour or riding on a bus are other forms of transport you can use, but they are not convenient and restrain your movement. Nonetheless, if you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, here is what you need to know before engaging in car rental costa Rica San Jose airport.

Seven must-know tips before renting a car in San Jose, Costa Rica

If you have just arrived in San Jose Costa Rica airport before renting that cheap car, it is good to note that not all car rental companies are equal. You must know some essential things if you are looking for a positive renting experience. Here are 7 things you must know before engaging in car rental Costa Rica San Jose airport.

1. Don’t rush to pick a car

When you arrive in San Jose, you will notice so many cars available for hire. You realize it is not easy to choose or pick a car randomly. However, you will need to know what activities are in your schedule.
Also, the quantity of your luggage and the people accompanying you on this trip are crucial when determining the vehicle, you will rent.
Besides, if you’re planning to make some off-road journeys, the last thing you would wish for is to get stuck in the mud. Go for a four-wheel drive designed for an off-road trip. Also, consult the car rental company and let them give you their ideal car for the task.

2. Plan ahead

When you are planning to rent a car, keep in mind you might want to extend your trip for a day or two. Most companies give a discount for clients who stays longer with the car. That means you will end up paying less for the vehicle.

3. Know the dangers

When driving on a new road, it is good to remember at all times you are in a country you don’t know about. So, while driving, keep these things on your mind.
• Focus on the road
When driving in Costa Rica, the epic tropical sceneries can distract your concentration on the road. A distraction on a new road is dangerous. It is essential to have a core driver who will help you check the GPS while you drive. That way, you can keep your eyes focused on the road.
• What is the condition of the road?
While using the main road can be okay, a good number of off roads can be tricky, especially when It’s on a rainy day. If you plan to visit Costa Rica during the rainy season renting a 4×4 will be an option.
• Watch out for reckless drivers.
Reckless drivers are everywhere globally, and Costa Rica is not an exception. Be extra careful on roads that you don’t know. It is advisable to keep a safe distance between you and the next vehicle.

4. Get to know a few fundamental laws

Costa Rica is an independent country that is governed by its laws. First and foremost, know some of the common legalities that govern the car renting business. The most notable laws are age, license, credit cards, and airport tax.
As a foreigner, for you to rent a car, you need to have a minimum age of 21 to 25 years, depending on the company you choose to rent a car from. Also, your home country driving license should be valid.
Furthermore, ensure your credit card has a sufficient limit to handle rental fees and a security deposit of up to 1500 USD. In Costa Rica, renting a car attracts 13 % to 14% airport tax.

5. Inspect your rental car briefly

Before you hop and drive your rental vehicle, take some ten minutes to inspect if the rental car has scratches, physical dents, or other signs of damage first. Also, it would be best if you are looking for any tears, marks, or stains in the car’s interior parts.
If there are physical damages, the rental company should have this problem-filled. Also, when you bring back the vehicle, don’t just give out the key and disappear. Ensure one of the employees in the car rental company inspects any existing damages to avoid accidental charges.

6. Reserve your car rental online

Many car rental companies lower their rates when booking your ideal car online. Also, they ensure your every request is made in advance. In addition, when you complete a transaction online, it removes any uncertainties or pressure that may arise. As a result, you can concentrate on other things.

7. Watch out for scams

First, when you are alive in San Jose, avoid falling to a $10 a day marketing ploy. When you fall for these ploys, they will ensure you leave the airport to a remote rental office. The next thing you will notice is a considerable amount of added fees like taxes and mandatory insurance. To avoid all these problems, it is advisable to work with a reputable car rental company that is open and transparent with their costings.

Renting a car in San Jose can be a more fantastic way to explore what Costa Rica offers. When this procedure is done with haste, it will leave you with a bad experience right from the start of your journey. However, the above seven things will help you choose and engage the right car rental company in Costa Rica.