Gialos (Port)
The port, with its own life and market activity, is the apropriate place for enjoyable walks. To the left side, of the port stands St. Irini, a chapel of amazing beauty, built in the 17th century. It's a peculiar structure with two altars, one older than the other, that were supposedly used for the Orthodox and the Catholic cults respectively. The path from St. Irini leads to Valmas and then to Kolitsani, two small, remote sandy beaches.
If you feel too tired for walking, you can make a stop to cool yourself in the long beach of Gialos to the right of the port, where you'll also find many restaurants, bars and cafes. The next beach after Gialos is Koumbara. It will take you about 20 minutes to get there if you decide to go on foot, or 5 minutes by bus. Besides its main sandy beach, Koumbara consists of many small and picturesque sandy beaches.
From the port also starts the old stone-paved road that leads to Chora, next to the church of St. George, which is half buried in the ground. St. George is cross-shaped with a rounded dome, a unusual rhythm compared with the traditional architectural features of the island. The road goes uphill with vegetation, eucalyptus and drinking fountains on either side. Another pleasant walk from the port leads to Kambos and on to the hill of Skarkos, a site of archaeological interest where excavations from 1984 up to our days have revealed various ancient ruins.